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Social Enterprise

How BAYA came into existence

The Beautiful As You Are (BAYA)  initiative is borne out of our desire to help put a smile on the faces of people living with disabilities, deformity, life threatening diagnosis or in confinement one makeover at a time.

Having understood the Power of a makeover on a person’s psyche,  we decided to give them a complete makeup, hair, outfit, jewelry glam session,  print and frame their pictures and then give back to them to serve as a constant reminder that they are beautiful as they are and should not be afraid to be included in the beauty world if they so desire 

So far,  we have worked with people living with down syndrome,  some cancer patients in LASUTH and orphanages, it was indeed successful.

We do not plan to stop there,  infact we are getting more geared up having seem the joys and positive results it brings to the people.  Although kicking off in Lagos,  we do plan to spread our reach to other states in Nigeria and eventually internationally. 

The initiative is run by volunteers, selfless Nigerians who have chosen to render their services and give their products for free. We often solicit partnerships and sponsorships to handle other required needs of the initiative. 


Thank you.



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